What to Expect

Become an ArtistYear AmeriCorps Resident Teaching Artist

ArtistYear AmeriCorps Resident Teaching Artists serve as full-time teaching artists in schools that receive Title I funding across America. 

ArtistYear has found that pairing recent arts graduates who want to have a positive impact on our nation through a service year, with dedicated teachers and school administrators is an excellent way to expand arts education for students to improve school engagement and social-emotional learning.

Each AmeriCorps Resident Teaching Artist (RTA) will uphold the mission, values, and expectations of ArtistYear, and openly contribute learnings back to the arts education and national service fields.

Today, nearly 20,000 low-income kids have arts education because artists like you want to serve! 

Meet Jeanette who served as a Senior RTA in Aspen Valley, Colorado!

Who are ArtistYear Resident Teaching Artists?

ArtistYear AmeriCorps Resident Teaching Artists are dedicated to the highest levels of artistic excellence, possess a deep commitment to service, and believe in the potential of every child.

RTAs represent all artistic disciplines. They are actors, animators, art historians, cellists, composers, comics, creative writers, dancers, filmmakers, graphic designers, guitarists, illustrators, jazz musicians, photographers, playwrights, poets, recording engineers, screenwriters, sculptors, singers, storytellers, violinists, and visual artists.

What is an RTA's role & responsibilities?

An AmeriCorps RTA’s role and responsibilities during their service year will include:

  • Complete 1700 hours of service over the course of the year (averaging 40 or more hours per week).
  • A full-time (40 hours) service week in a Title I funded school, inclusive of:
    • Direct teaching and school common-time hours
    • Communication, meeting, planning, and preparation hours
    • Student performance or exhibition hours
    • Full attendance and participation in all training and professional development requirements for school site and ArtistYear
  • Designing and teaching standards-based aligned arts education that supports school culture and goals, as well as ArtistYear’s standards.
  • On-time submission of all required timesheets and data collection reports. 
  • Design and execute arts instruction and activities that encourage student social-emotional growth.
  • Prepare and execute required Community Arts Events (minimum of one per year) 
  • Regular communication, meetings and collaboration with school staff members and the ArtistYear leadership. 
  • Complete required documentation and records for school site and ArtistYear, including: 
    • Daily virtual standup participation on Slack 
    • Posting evidence of service online using the Sutori Platform 
    • Executing surveys and evaluation protocols for ArtistYear program monitoring
    • Completing mid-year and year-end reflections 
    • Fulfilling member graduation requirements
  • Receive and implement regular and supportive feedback from ArtistYear leadership and/or school site supervisor on performance.
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