Program Impact

Our Impact

The ArtistYear Program is designed to yield positive changes for the students, schools/districts, and the ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows themselves.


We reach underserved students through art to:

  • Improve school engagement and attachment
  • Explore identity and community
  • Empower civic-engagement
  • Cultivate 21st-century skills (STEAM)
  • Develop youth artistry and skills


Believing all schools deserve to be “arts rich,” our Program aims to:

  • Increase arts equity and access
  • Deepen arts learning
  • Enhance school climate and culture
  • Build capacity and buy-in for sustained and future arts investments

ArtistYear Fellows

Our ArtistYear AmeriCorps Fellows are the change-agents. They develop as:

  • Effective Teaching Artists
  • Productive work-force participants and leaders
  • Engaged Citizen-Artists
  • Active participants in our Democracy