Program Impact

Our Impact

Since becoming an official 501(c)3 organization 2016, 267 ArtistYear AmeriCorps RTAs have served as teaching artists in 188 Title 1 schools, reaching approximately 62,000 students across Philadelphia, Colorado, North Carolina and NYC Borough of Queens, and have expanded access to arts education across the disciplines of Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dance, Digital Media, Creative Writing, Photography, and Design.

The ArtistYear Program is designed to yield positive changes for the students, schools/districts, and the ArtistYear AmeriCorps Resident Teaching Artists themselves.


We reach students through art to:

  • Improve school engagement and attachment
  • Explore identity and community
  • Empower civic-engagement
  • Cultivate 21st-century skills (STEAM)
  • Develop youth artistry and skills


Believing all schools deserve to be “arts rich,” our Program aims to:

  • Increase arts equity and access
  • Deepen arts learning
  • Enhance school climate and culture
  • Build capacity and buy-in for sustained and future arts investments

ArtistYear RTAs

Our ArtistYear AmeriCorps RTAs are the change-agents. They develop as:

  • Effective Teaching Artists
  • Productive work-force participants and leaders
  • Engaged Citizen-Artists
  • Active participants in our Democracy