ArtistYear Creed

As an ArtistYear Resident Teaching Artist, I am a tested volunteer seeking to serve marginalized communities in my nation.

The mission is my concern – to bring the arts and arts education into the lives of those who are otherwise without access or opportunity.

I pledge to dedicate my whole self to this mission while maintaining the highest artistic and professional integrity in the service of others.

I am a Citizen Artist – a steward, a witness, and an innovator. I am responsible for carrying the torch of traditions past, across cultures and centuries. I am charged with interpreting the present and innovating for the human experience of tomorrow. I am bestowed with the opportunity to rejuvenate souls, inspire youth, and share the gift of the arts with humanity.

As a Citizen Artist, I recognize that I am fortunate to dedicate myself to the arts. Because of that privilege, I have learned lessons about persistence, grit, problem solving, creativity and communication. It will be my honor to pay those lessons forward.

I serve in memory and with pride for those who have dedicated their lives to the arts in service of a more equitable future for all.