Art Making by ArtistYear Fellows for Kids!

Dance, Write, Design & Celebrate our Earth!

Art Making

Bite-Sized Art History

Fun, digestible art education through guided projects inspired by significant figures in art history.

Art Creates Hope

Meet artists who have used their voices to spread hope and positivity in times of struggle and uncertainty.


Explore artists, techniques ,and design principles to inspire students to create their own unique artwork.



School of Sketching

During this 4-part series, we will explore the different ways artists obtain inspiration through lessons, projects, and creative expression.

Choose Your Own Sketch-Venture

Learn several bookbinding methods using materials in your home, and some ideas for filling your new sketchbook.

Creative Writing & Arts

The Write Time

Our writing fellows share several journal prompts to inspire students and viewers to explore creative writing.

Web Writes

This series will challenge writers’ perspectives with media content that will enhance an associative mind/writing process.


The CHA CHA Series

Explore the basics of dancer health and wellness, from effective warm ups to nutrition and mental health tips. 




Learn how to arrange, practice, and perform covers of songs, including orchestration, self-teaching, and ear training.

What Makes a Hit Song?

Explore key elements of a song while learning music history, theory, and critical-thinking skills.