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Everything you need to know about being an ArtistYear AmeriCorps Member

Each ArtistYear AmeriCorps Member works full-time in a Title I school in America to deliver an issue-based arts curriculum that inspires active youth citizens and supports school culture and goals.

Members will ensure the highest quality instruction, meet the needs of the school and students, and support each child holistically.

Members will collaborate with school personnel and other ArtistYear cohort members, and will facilitate school community and family involvement. Each ArtistYear member will uphold the mission, values, and expectations of ArtistYear, and openly contribute service year learnings back to the arts education and national service fields.

What is a member's role and responsibilities?

As an ArtistYear AmeriCorps member participating in a Citizen-Artist National Service Year, responsibilities include the following:

  • A full-time (40 hours) Citizen-Artist work week in a Title I school, inclusive of:
    • Direct teaching and school common-time hours
    • Communication, meeting, planning, and preparation hours
    • Student performance or exhibition hours
    • Training and professional development requirements for school site and ArtistYear
  • Designing and teaching an issue-based arts curriculum and strategy that encourages student civic discourse and artistic mastery. This content and pedagogy will meet the needs and desires of school partners and students, as well as the standards of ArtistYear.
  • Preparing and executing high quality, student-centered gallery openings, performances and/or community arts events that highlight student process and achievement, enhance school climate, and engage the broader community.
  • Regular communication, meetings, and collaboration with parents, school staff members, and ArtistYear leadership.
  • Assisting school partner faculty members as requested; stepping in as an emergency substitute art or music teacher at a school site if requested.
  • Completing required documentation and records for school site and ArtistYear, such as 5/15 reports, daily virtual standup participation, blogging responsibilities, assessment protocols, and lesson plans.
  • Full attendance and participation in all required professional development and training, including the ArtistYear Orientation & Training Institute.
  • Receiving and implementing regular and supportive performance feedback from ArtistYear leadership and/or a school site supervisor.
What are your service year benefits?

Who are ArtistYear AmeriCorps Members?

An ArtistYear AmeriCorps member is dedicated to the highest level of artistic excellence, possesses a deep commitment to service, and believes in the artistic potential of every child.

Actors, animators, artists, composers, designers, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, performers, and screenplay writers are encouraged to apply.

What are the requirements for applying?

Applicants to ArtistYear must be:

  • A graduate of an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree program.
    • You must have your bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university by the first day your orientation and onboarding training begins in June, 2018.
  • Highly skilled in their artistic craft, holding a degree in a performing or visual arts field (or related field).
    • For example: acting, dance, fashion design, filmmaking, fine arts, music composition, music education, photography, piano, screenwriting, visual artists, viola performance, etc.
  • A U.S. citizen, national, or legal resident.
    • Due to the hiring restrictions of our partners, ArtistYear may only accept applicants who are U.S. citizens, nationals, or legal residents
  • Able to dedicate 12 months to a full-time national service year.
  • Able to successfully pass all necessary background checks and clearances for working with youth.
Empower creative expression for vital minds.
Through the lens of a 7th grader

Who are we looking for?

Citizen-Artists who wish to facilitate self-expression and youth civic engagement through increased access to arts education in low-income schools. We accept all artists, including (but not limited to): actors, composers, creative writes, dancers, designers, media artists, musicians, poets, photographers, visual artists, etc.

ArtistYear Admissions Stages


Admission Steps
1st Deadline: Early Application Pool
2nd Deadline: Regular Application Pool 
3rd Deadline: Late Application Pool
Apply Online
NOV 1 2017 
Application Fee: $30*
FEB 1, 2018
Application Fee: $50*
JUN 8, 2018 Application Fee: $80*
Second Round Notification
Early November
Early February
(Virtual or In-person)
Admissions Status Notification
Early December
Early March
Signed Offer Letters Returned to Secure Spot
End of June
*Please contact us regarding full or partial fee waivers based on demonstrated financial need. 

ArtistYear application FAQ

How do I submit my recommendations?

Rather than having applicants upload letters of recommendations, ArtistYear asks that you list two recommenders. Once you hit “submit,” a short form will automatically be generated by our application platform (acceptd) and sent to your recommenders to fill out. It is critical that your recommenders return this form quickly; without it, we cannot review your application.

What are you looking for in my artistic representation/portfolio?

ArtistYear requires an artistic representation from our applicants to ensure that you are highly trained in your art form and capable of inspiring and supporting young people in arts learning. Submit a portfolio/representation that demonstrates who you are as an artist, and trust that it will be reviewed by fellow artist with generosity and appreciation. Do not let perfectionism get in the way of submitting your application. Recordings or portfolios you have created for other opportunities can be adapted for your ArtistYear application.

What do I need to know about the Early, Regular and Late Application pools?

At the end of each application pool cycle, ArtistYear reviews applications and fills positions with qualified candidates. So, the earlier you apply, the greater the number of open positions for which you can be considered. If you can make the early or regular pool deadlines, we recommend it. However, a significant number of applicants have been accepted from the late pool every year since ArtistYear began, so if you learn of the opportunity after a deadline, do not be dissuaded from applying.

Does ArtistYear offer financial waivers for the application fee?

Yes. If you are a current long-term (a year or more) volunteer in AmeriCorps/VISTA or Peace Corps, or an active duty member of our U.S. Armed Forces, you are eligible for a fee waiver. If you have a financial hardship, we will also consider a full or partial fee waiver. Please send a request to ArtistYear at least two-weeks before your application is due.

What do I need to know about the “Wait List” deadline?

Maybe you just learned about ArtistYear, but it is after the final May 15 deadline. You can apply for the wait list to be considered should any spots open before the start of the school year (i.e., we receive additional funding for a new placement; an accepted Fellow has to decline the offer).

What does “Admission Status Notification” mean?

At the end of the early and regular pool rounds, applicants will be notified whether they are:

  • Accepted: You have been offered a Service Year position with ArtistYear for 2018-2019 year.
  • Declined: You have not been accepted to ArtistYear this year.
  • Deferred: Your application has been deferred to the next pool round (regular or late) for additional consideration; this is not a rejection or an acceptance. ArtistYear defers applications for a variety of reasons, but most frequently to ensure a proper school placement can be matched for your artistic medium/skill set.
  • Wait List: You have been placed on a wait-list. Should any positions open before August 2018, you may come off the wait list to join ArtistYear.

 What should I expect in the interview?

You will speak with representatives of ArtistYear for approximately 45 minutes. We use the interview as an opportunity to better understand your path as a Citizen-Artist, and to make sure ArtistYear is the right fit for you, your career ambitions, and your goals. We are very open about the challenges and opportunities of a year of service.